Flower moon, Weight-loss and Wiccan Spells

Last night was 21st May and apparently full moon. My body was all sore from walking 3 miles and a million sit up. So while I was browsing through instagram and found this photo that states that there is a wiccan spell that can be cast today. Imagine my relief. All I need to do is to […]

LINDSAY Modeling Rubber Mask- Calendula Review

Well, hello there. If you follow me in my Facebook page and Instagram (which you totally should btw), you must have seen me posting this photo with four Modelling Masks.  These were from a recent shipment from Korean Cosmetics Bangladesh. I have been dying to try them out since I first saw them in Glow […]

Wet n Wild MegaLast lipsticks swatches( mini post)

Today,I’m gonna write a mini post on Wet n Wild MegaLast lipsticks.These lipsticks are long-lasting, matte, and go for $2.99 dollar at drugstores.I have six of them.Will order another 3 next time.They have really long list of shades which is definitely a plus point.And the price is quite easy on my purse.They are long lasting and […]

IMAN Lip Affair Kit Review

About three months ago,while browsing through Drugstore onine,this cute little pallette came to my sight.I loved the shades instantly.And after checking their swatches,I decided to add them to my cart. As you can guess,I’m talking about my recent purchase,IMAN Lip Affair Kit. This is what is written on their description:“A sneak preview of five new […]

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