Curated Skincare Consultation

Hi people,

So finally I have decided to charge for detailed consultation of their customized and curated skincare routine. This is mainly to discourage you guys from bombarding my inbox and to encourage reading my blog and other materials and papers that I post in general.
If you just read my blog carefully in the future (because I am planning to revamp my site), you won’t need to pay for this. My blog is free. However, if you need inbox and in person detail skincare consultation, then you have to pay. Because it takes a lot of time to go through the messages and reply considering your problems and specifications. That way, I can concentrate a lot more on your issues.

For starters, I am introducing 3 packages.

* I don’t have any professional degree of an esthetician yet.I am not an expert. But years of blogging have taught me a thing or two. And my suggestions mostly worked for most of the people.
* You absolutely don’t need to pay. Just read my blog and page post and you can decide for yourself. It’s all there. But if you have customized and personal queries, you need to honor my timeĀ 


For more enquiries: Drop a comment or send me a message on facebook.