LASplash Eye Sparkle Mineral Eyeshadow- ATLANTIC RUST review

Hello lovelies,Today I’m gonna review LASplash Eye Sparkle Mineral Eyeshadow in ATLANTIC RUST.
Now,I’m not a glitter person.And I’ve never used loose pigments before.But a month ago I saw these cute boxes in superstore..and god they were cheap.This particular color Atlantic rust really amazed me..and the name sounds cool,right?
So,I bought this at 100 tk.Now,dont roll your eyes.They are not fake or least I thought so too when I checked them at cherryculture,beautylish and LASplash’s
own website.The price varies from 8.98 to 5.99 dollars.But in one youtube video I saw that previously ULTA carried this brand,but now dont.So most of the shadows went on sale 😀
So,in this photo here,you can see the packaging with flash and without flashimage
Packaging: The plastic jar has a twist top lid and a wide opening so you can easily access the glitter with your fingers or a brush, and has 3grams of product in it. You can see how full the jar is in the swatch pictures. The lid is clear so you can easily see what colour you are using without having to look on the sticker at the bottom.
Texture: These glitters are fairly finely milled so it’s not too chunky on the eyes which causes a bit of fall out onto the cheeks which is practically unavoidable.

Pigmentation & longevity: They are not highly pigmented on their own without having a sticky base mainly because the glitter goes everywhere, & if you don’t have a coloured base down first you would be able to see skin, so that will help them appear more pigmented. You can see this in the swatches. When using them correctly I find they last all day because of the adherence, otherwise they would wear off during the day.
Its slightly brownish-orange with a little glitter.It has so much pigmentation when I swatched on my hand,but its a different story in my lids.I used primer and NYX milk,but the color pay off isn’t that good.Here’s the photo of the pigment.

Isn’t the color just amazing? And here’s a photo of me using this on my lids.I’m not good at makeup I know 😛
But,seriously do let me know how to make them stick to my lids.And plz drop a comment.I’m getting frustrated thinking no one reads my blog……sad emo.
au revoir

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