Maybelline EyeStudio Color Explosion Luminizing Eyeshadow, Forest Fury review

Product Description: Sophisticated color, ignited by an exclusive Luminizer, reveals amazing color highlights. Explosive pigments sweep on for the truest color payoff. Exclusive Luminizer unleashes a surge of color.
These palettes contain five shades of color, most of them are shimmery but there is a few mattes. This retailes at 10.89 dollars at drugstore.
So,this is one of the few palettes I bought.I ordered it from amazon via accesorize( a facebook group) which was a year ago.During the shipment,one of the colors turned to dust….shame.see I’m hiding it in this photo

This is what it really looks like now                                                                                                                                  image
There are 5 colors in total.But they are awfully powdery and there’s

so much glitter on my eyelids.They don’t stay on the lids even with primer.Although the pigmentation were somewhat moderate.Here they are labeled                                                                                                                       image
Here are the swatches,one in Fluorescent light and another with flash                                                                                 image
The only shadow I like is the inner corner one.Rest of them are wastage of my money. Here’s me with this on my lids.Excuse my shadow blending prowess.I’m only a beginner.I used MUA primer under the shadow.
If you want your shadows to be long-lasting,this is so not for you.
If I ever gonna buy this? no
Price: a bit over-priced
Doesn’t suit my skin-tone at all.
Availability: Not available at Bangladesh
Let me know if you liked my review or not.There’s always room for improvement.
au revoir

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