Ban the Movember: Hair Off Facial Creme Hair Remover Review

Hello Ladies,
Its been eons since I wrote a blog post.I was very busy with my term ending and everything.
But now that I am back,be ready for a hell lot of reviews coming up your way.

As a Blogger,I think its my responsibility to try and use a product for a significant amount of time before reviewing it.That’s why I took some time to use all the things I bought through out the year.

Keeping that in mind,the first thing I want to review is the Hair Off Facial Cream Hair Remover that I bought around april from Shop-a-go,or Mayesha apu’s group as you know it ūüėČ


Now,ladies who have teeny weeny bits of hair in their upper lip,I feel your pain.I have it and I absolutely hate it.I used to thread it since I was in college.But earlier this year I came through two products,this one and another one from Avon which I will review later.

What The website says:

With just a few simple brush strokes, you can gently remove unwanted facial hair in just 4 minutes.¬† This is the new generation of hair removal…quick, convenient and so easy, it’s mistake-proof.Hair Off¬ģ 4 Minute Creme Facial Hair Remover is specially formulated to remove hair quickly from your upper lip, chin, cheeks and hairline.¬† Our precision applicator brush makes it easy to apply the creme exactly where you want it in a thick, even coat.¬† The creme dissolves hair away just below the skin’s surface, so there’s no “shadow” or stubble.¬† Our hypo-allergenic formula is gentle to tender skin and smells great, with no harsh chemical smell.¬† Chamomile, aloe and vitamin E leave skin soft, smooth and irritation-free.

 My experience:

Well,I have a love hate relationship with this product.It claims to remove hair within 4 minutes,but in my case (my sisters also) it needs longer time to remove it.

It has a chemical smell,but not to overpowering.It looks like this inside the bottle,as you can see I used up quite a bit of it.

The trick for using this product is to leave it on for four minutes.Then you have to check a little part of your applied area to see whether the hair comes off or not.If not,then leave it for a minute or two.
Then remove it using a wet tissue(luke warm water) and a slight bit of pressure( not too much,it could be abrasive).
And then most of the hair will come off.I said “most” because some jiddy hair can be still present ūüėõ

But overall,its a great product to use if you dont have time to go to parlor or you have a program to attend to.

-Price is around 5.99-6.99 in Drugstore.Mayesha apu sells it for 900 taka,which is ok for me.Since a normal upper lip session costs 30 taka here.So you actually save up a lot.
But availability is a concern.
-Could have smelled better

-Doesn’t clean 100% of the hairs :/
-slightly abrasive.
-Slightly irritates if I apply too much pressure while removing.

Here’s a photo of me after I used it and got ready for outing:

Where Can you Get It?

Head over to Shop-a-go to stock purchase it.Or you can order directly from Drugstore

Bye for now.

Lots of love,


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