Revlon Photoready BB Cream Skin Perfector with SPF 30 Review

Hello lovelies,
Its ages since I last wrote a blog post. Actually I was quite busy with exams and life.Meanwhile I joined an amazing Facebook group named Pop of Color which is basically an amazing place where I met so many wonderful people.I even forgot I had a blog.Its an addictive place for makeup lovers.You should totally join this group.The admins are quite friendly and helpful.I am sure you will love it there.

So,today I am going to review a BB cream with spf 30 that has many lofty claims.But did those claims work for me? Lets find out,shall we?

Meet Revlon Photoready BB Cream Skin Perfector with SPF 30 for Oily skin.

I started using this back in June,2014.Although I stopped using this for quite a period of time because of the oiliness is produced,in summer.I started using this again in November,when the winter approached.I am quite finished with this tube.

This is what the tube packaging is like.Plastic tube,with nozzle.Nothing fancy.
According to Revlon website,this BB cream

-Hydrates like a moisturizer
-Smooths like a primer
-Covers like a foundation
-Blurs flaws like concealer
-Protects with SPF 30 like sunscreen


I bought the shade Light Medium from ULTA for 11.99 dollar.There were only 3 shades.Light,Light medium,Medium.Light is too pale for me and medium is too dark.So I went for the middle one.Here’s swatch on my hand: 



I bought this because I needed a BB cream with high spf.It felt quite oily in my face in summer.And if I was not careful,it settled on my pores.Thats why I stopped using this in summer.When I started using this in winter,It gave me a natural and dewy finish.But it slides off the skin easily. Another problem for me is,it turned quite watery,as you can see in the photo.It was not like that when I first opened it.According to makeupally,its a common problem,because of the high spf. Speaking of which,lets take a look at the ingredients:

There is a lot of ingredients listed here.I’d surely not want them on my face on a regular basis.Also it gives shine in flash photography(high spf…duh).
It also tend to oxidize in summer.You need to set it with a translucent powder for a matte finish.
Here’s me wearing it a few days back.Look at that shine :3

All in all, I liked it in winter.But its absolutely no no for summer if you have a combo/oliy skin.

Revlon should market it as a dry skin product.It does not cater to combo/oily skin whatsoever.

Rating: 3/5

That’s it for today.

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