Brush Egg Dupe Review

Cleaning dirty brushes are surely an agonizing task. I actually dreaded the day when I had to clean all of my dirty brushes. I am super lazy in terms of brush cleaning, which is a bad habit. You should clean your brushes once a week to get rid of the build ups. If you fail to do this, you might end up with horrible break outs (not kidding!!).

But two months ago I came across  an amazing product that made my life really easy. I always wanted a sigma brush cleaning glove, but it is costly. So naturally I was searching for some other options.  That’s when I saw a seller in Facebook (Beautification) selling this amazing little brush egg for only 200 taka, I immediately placed an order. 

It looks like the original brush egg, kind of silicone + rubber texture. It has small knobs and long grooves on the cleaning side. I got this in purple color. It also says “Brush Egg” on it’s lateral side.

This silicone brush egg can be used with any kind of brush cleaning liquid. I used baby shampoo here. My BH cosmetics POP ART BRUSH SET needed some cleaning. So let’s see how they fare with this brush egg dupe.

I used the smaller knob on top for lathering and foaming with the cleanser.Longer grooves are for agitating the gunk out of the brush.This thing is fairly easy to use.Your brushes will be deeply cleaned without any shedding.


Reasons to buy this:

  • This is dirt cheap considering the original brush egg which is 8 dollar.This will only cost you 3-4 dollar depending on the seller.
  • Cleans the brushes nicely.
  • Compact and effective.

Where can you get this:I bought mine from Beautification.But they are not in stock right now.But Asteria is currently taking order for them only for 200 taka. If you are looking for one, then you should contact them right now.

Let me know about your experience with the brush egg dupe in the comments. And don’t forget to follow my facebook page: ISHTAR.Because lot’s of new reviews are coming soon.
Till then, Love.



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