Skincare Routine for Oily-Combination Skin

Hello everyone, hope you are all in good health and preparing for the festivities of the Eid-UL-Adha. This eid is all about beef and mutton. And all these heavy meals can ruin your body if you go overboard. So don’t forget to detoxify with lots of green tea, lemon and water.
And these oily foods are not particularly good for your skin either.Although it’s fall in some parts of the world, but as you all know that here in Bangladesh its summer and the sun has a particular animosity towards this country. And don’t even mention the humidity (yesterday it was 94% humidity here in Khulna). A year ago, my skin would have hated this weather. But thanks to my new skincare routine which I have been following religiously for the past 2-3 months my skin is performing at its best (not considering my childhood: P).
My skin type is basically combination with an oily T-zone. I also have a few acne zones in my cheek and forehead. And I also have pretty large pores too. The products I am using completely suit me. But that doesn’t mean they are bound to work for you. I am just sharing my experience with few products that I love these days.
I am going to write a step by step description of my current routine here.

The first thing I do after coming back from varsity/outside is thoroughly cleanse my face. Most of the days, I just use my Etude House Baking Powder BB Deep Cleansing Foam for cleaning my face. This is hands down the best face wash that you can use in summer. I use the oily skin version. But if you have normal to dry skin, then you can try their moist one too. And remember you will only need a small amount of product to clean your whole face.Price:850 taka( Korean Cosmetics Bangladesh)I also use the Body Shop Tea Tree face wash for days when I feel dry. I know a lot of people like this face wash for clearing out acne and oil control. But it didn’t work for me whatsoever, I only like it as a mild face wash.Price: 700-850(Most of the UK pages sells this).
But if I need a little bit of deep cleaning, then I’d go for the Innisfree Sea Salt Jelly Cleanser. It has 20% jeju mineral sea salt in it. It cleanses my skin thoroughly yet it feels so hydrating. Just take a little amount and massage carefully onto your damp skin and wash off with lukewarm water. Your skin will feel like a baby’s bottom.
Price: 1000 taka ( Korean Cosmetics Bangladesh)
Mild Exfoliating: 
For those days my skin feels a little dull and patchy, I use the Skin Watchers Papaya Moisture Exfoliating Gel.It gently exfoliate and peels off the dirt and dead skin cells. Skin watchers market it as a whitening gel but I didn’t see any whitening effect in action. But my skin looks a lot brighter after using this without all the dirt and dead cells.
Korean Cosmetics Bangladesh used to sell this previously. But currently they are not stocking it. However Smart Shopping and NV cosmetics might have them. So go have a look. I am not sure about their pricing yet. But I’ll update you guys later.


Masks are the one true love of my life. I have tried a lot of masks over the past few years.But 1-2 months ago I fell in love with the Skin watchers Steam pore mask and Cooling Pore masks.These are the masks that will clean and tighten your pores.I have pores the size of mars craters. So they were a God-sent to me.And I was saved 😀 😀 😀
After using this, be sure to use a toner to close up your pores before using the Cooling Pore mask.It works better that way.
I got both of these from Korean Cosmetics Bangladesh but they don’t sell them anymore.But NV and Smart Shopping stocks them.Price will be around 1300-1500 each,I suppose.


Steam pore mask opens up the pores of your face and deep cleanses them.It also moisturizes your face and absorbs the excess sebum.I personally like the smell of this mask.And it also tastes sugary, not that I taste all my face masks.I like how it heats up the face like it’s on fire or something.It comes in a giant tub and you will only need a little bit.I use this once a week .Massage this gently on your face and wash off with luke warm water.

The SkinWatchers Cooling pore mask is another mask that I love.After using the steam pore mask and toner,I take a little bit of this mask on my hand and massage onto my face.It has peppermint in it, so your skin will feel the cooling sensation immediately.It also has Kaolin clay that will make your skin smooth and clean up the pores. I wash this off with cold water because cold water helps to shrink the pores.

After using the masks,I use a toner to close up my pores.This time I take a little bit in my hand and pat it smoothly in my skin and let it dry.
I heard that SkinWatchers is shifting their factories and won’t be making these for a while.If you can’t manage them then try the LAILLY Pore Masks.They are just as good and I saw people raving about them.I ordered some from Korean Cosmetics Bangladesh.They are 1100 taka each.So order away 😀


Currently,I am using the Garnier Fresh Refining Toner and the Refreshing Toner.I use the refreshing one in the morning and the Fresh refining one in the night.If you have sensitive skin then stay away from the Fresh refining one.It stings a bit. Ordered them from Superdrug during a sale from Elegance of Rozoa.They cost around 300-400 each.
If you have sensitive skin then use the Boots Distilled Hazel.It helps to get rid of the redness and swelling in the morning.Got mine from Asteria for around 750 taka.

Face Mists:

Face mists are not a staple in my skincare routine.But whenever I need some extra hydration I spray a little into my face and let it dry.
I love The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist and Mario Badescu Facial Spray. They will cost you around 700-900 each.But if you don’t feel like spending all that money on a mist then try the pure rosewater that is sold in the market.Works the same. 

Moisturizers and Serums:

Moisturizers are a must in my skincare.I use the Mizon Water Volume Aqua Gel Cream everyday. It’s a non-sticky gel that gets absorbed into my skin beautifully. If you are oily and acne-prone you will love it as a moisturizer.

Mizon Hyarulonic Acid Serum is another staple for me. I use it after the aqua gel.It provides extra moisture and it also seals the moisture provided by the aqua gel.My skin looks so soft and plumper the morning after.
I got both of them from Korean Cosmetics Bangladesh.The aqua gel retails at 500 taka and the Serum was 1350,I believe.
I don’t have any skin issues right now.But if you need a brighter skin and spot correction then try their C21.5 Serum and Red Serum.I read so many good reviews about them.One of these days,I ‘ll cave in and order one :3

Facial Oils:

Let’s talk about oils for a bit.Contrary to popular belief, oily skinned humans can also use oils on their face.But that oil has to be non-comodogenic (funny name for stuffs that won’t clog your pores) like the Physicians Formula Argan Wear Glow Oil.It contains lots of moisturizing fatty acids and antioxidants.This is 100% pure argan oil in a drugstore price.It will cost you around 15 dollars, but I always buy Physicians Formula during their 40% off in ULTA. I like to use this on the weekend after my usual pampering session. 


The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil has become a household name in Bangladesh,I kid you not.Every acne prone human and their grandmas have it these days. You just need a tiny little drop of this on your pimple and it will reduce overnight.The price for this one is a little bit steep.700-900 taka depending on the seller.

Makeup remover:

On those days when I wear makeup I like to remove it with the Skin Food Black Sugar Cleansing Oil.This is enriched with Brazilian Black Sugar that helps to remove the makeup effortlessly.It has a lemony smell which I love and it doesn’t sting my skin a bit.It also gets rid off the toughest makeup like gel liners and liquid lipsticks. It cost me around 900 taka from Korean Cosmetics Bangladesh.
The other thing I use to remove my makeup is Tonic from Les Cosmteiques.My father got it from me from Carrefour Spain.It was 1-2 Euro.I don’t know any other details.But after I finish my bottle I’ll go for the Skin food Milk Shake Point Makeup Remover.

Before I finish,I want to talk about two other products.One of them is the Clean Face Oil Control Sun Cream from the Face Shop. I use this every freaking day.I even got a backup.It has a price tag of 700 taka each and contains spf 35 PA++.It suits my skin so well.I wish I could take a bath in this before getting out.It doesn’t make me oily and my skin doesn’t feel a little bit of stickiness while I wear this.It was one my earliest purchase from 
Korean Cosmetics Bangladesh.
A word to the wise,always wear sunscreen before heading out even if it’s a cloudy day.


And last but not the least, prepare the drum rolls for the Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack in Seaweed.The packaging is so cute and they have tons of flavors as well.This will heat up your skin while massaging and gently exfoliate the dirt and dead cells. It is cheap as dirt.For the price tag of 175 taka, you can use this at least 4-5 times if you store this properly.
That’s about it for today.My fingers are totally killing me but it was worth it.Hope I have explained everything well enough in this post.However,if you have anymore questions then feel free to write.


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