Raw Baking Soda on Face? Don’t Do This Please.

Do you use baking soda as a scrub or just for washing your skin? If you do, then please stop. Truthfully speaking, I used baking soda as a scrub 2-3 times previously. But I found it too harsh on my skin so I stopped using it. But recently I did some research on the internet on the effects of using baking soda on our face and I was literally shocked.

Remember your high school science classes? The pH scale ranges from 1-14. 1 is acidic and 14 is alkaline. Human blood has a pH level of 7 and our skin has a pH level of 4.5.Baking soda is basically alkaline and has a pH level of 9.
Now just sit back and think for a moment. Do you really want to scrub your dehydrated and acne ravaged face with raw baking soda? Your skin can be permanently damaged from using this. Our mothers used to use raw baking soda to scrub dirty floors or toilets with raw baking soda to remove stubborn stains. And we are using the same thing on our face. Baking soda is a household item, but that doesn’t make it non-chemical.It is also processed in plant and SLS has the same pH level (9.5) like it.
Same goes for using plain white vinegar (2.4-3.4) on your skin.It is too acidic. However, apple cider vinegar is another matter.It has a pH level of 4.25 and you have to dilute it to use on your skin.
If you want mild exfoliants for your skin you can try the AHA or BHA cleansers.But I am not totally done with my research on that one(Update: currently using AHA/BHA and I’m really happy with them. Blog post coming soon).Also, I use the Baking Powder Soda Wash from Etude House as a face-wash sometimes.I don’t actually know the pH level of that one, but I’ll keep you posted.

That’s it for today.Hope you will enjoy an amazing Eid with all those beefs and stuffs.

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  1. Thanks for the valuable information and that being said Bangladeshi people don’t only use baking soda as scrub, but also lemon juice, turmeric powder and the list go on. These are extremely dangerous in term of skin care regime, especially in our country. If we take a look at the products you will notice that most of them are made for commercial use that includes colors and chemicals to make them look attractive! it’s not only dangerous, but also might burn the skin and cause pigmentation.
    Good skin care starts with products that were specifically designed for individual requirements.


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