How to Clean Your Pores the Right Way

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Before starting this post, I just want to clarify one thing. This idea is not originally mine. I kind of got this idea from the blogger FiftyshadesofSnail and then I decided to customize with the things I have in my home.

What is this “Evil” thing called Pores? 
If you are a living, breathing human being who has the skin on their flesh, then you are bound to have pores. Cat’s don’t have that problem. I mean they do have pores, but they are covered in fur. So, if you are a cat, then this post is not for you.

The site uses images to explain objects.
The site uses images to explain objects.

Shown here is a cross section of our skin. As a human, your body has around 5 million hairs. And every hair has it’s BFF pore. Now, aren’t you glad that you only have a little bit of visible pores on your face area?
Now with great pores come great sebaceous glands, who takes their work too seriously and produces lots of sebums. These sebum has their own squad goals like Taylor Swift. Only they do not consist of Victoria’s Secret Models but dead skin, dirt, oils and bacteria.

Can you actually shrink or vanish your Pores?

Pores are a part of you, like your kidney. Can your body function without a kidney? Guess not. That’s why you can’t get rid of them. However, by keeping them clean you can make them appear smaller. Beware of peel off pore strips and squeezing your pores though. It will make them bigger.
But by cleaning the sebaceous filaments, you can make your pores appear smaller. Also, you will have less acne in future, which is a plus.

How to clean your sebaceous filaments? 

For cleaning these dirt from your pores, you will need some products and an hour of your time. It’s best if you do this in the morning. As it’s a weekly procedure, you can do this on Friday (weekly holiday for Bangladesh).

Things you will need:
1. A BHA Product (I used Cosrx BHA Power Liquid). Beta hydroxy Acid is a chemical exfoliant which penetrates deep into your skin and cuts through the dirt. BHA is also good for acne prone and sensitive skin.

2. A Clay Mask (I used I’m From Volcanic Mask).I love this mask as this contains Volcanic Ash and many good ingredients. But you can try this with any good old clay mask. I haven’t tried yet, though. So let me know, how it goes. OK?

3. A Deep Cleansing Oil . My favorite is Klairs Black Deep Cleansing Oil.

Steps :
Make yourself a big tumbler of green tea. Because this is going to take a while. Wash your face with a cleanser, use a pH balancing toner that can revert the pH of your skin back to normal.

Step 1: Apply the BHA Product.

BHA can easily dissolve oils, so give it some time to get into your pores and loosen up the dirt. Give it at least 20 minutes to soak into your skin.

Step 2: Don’t rinse off!!!! Apply your clay mask on top of the BHA layering. 

Rinse off with normal water after 10-12 minutes.

Step 3: Apply the oil on your face. Keep it like this for around 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, you will see that some of that oil is soaked into your skin. So, now take a little bit more into your palms and start massaging. Make sure that you are only applying minimal pressure and only for 2-3 minutes. Within this time, you will feel gunk coming out of skin. If you don’t see any, that means your pores are smaller and the sebum isalso smaller. But the process will work nevertheless. You are still deep cleaning your pores.
Don’t apply too much pressure or you will burst your capillaries. 

Step 4: Clear your face with your preferred cleanser. My pick is Klairs Charcoal Soap which works best with that oil.

Rinse thoroughly that no oil buildup is left behind. Use the pH balancing toner again and continue with your routine. After this, your skin should feel squeaky clean and a lot smoother. Your pores will fill up again within a week. So repeat the whole process after a week.

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So, that was the whole pore cleaning process. Let me know your experience. And if you have any suggestions/ objections, please do let me know.





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      1. yes im using Elishacoy water drop sunscreen…and have started using Klairs vit c drops…lets see hw it works….i know for proper results i need 2-3 months…so hoping for the best :)… between ive tried ur pore cleasing method with COSRX BHA , Freeman charcol clay mask and Banila co oil cleanser…it realy did clean my pores :D….between ive another question….can i use the AZTEC indian healing clay with apple cider vinegar along with COSRX BHA??? sorry 4 bugging u with a lot of ques..:P

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