February Favorites: HG BB Creams,Vit-C Serums and Gravitational Waves


Even though February is the shortest month of the year, it certainly seemed the longest in 2016, like my favorites list.

So here are my it-list for this month, which contains things I can’t live without, things that made that dreary old February worth living.

Holy Grail Daily Wears:


Klairs Illuminating Supple BB Cream and Klairs Creamy Natural Fit Concealer:

I got these two babies in late January and since then they have replaced all the BB’s I have in my stock. I have combination, dehydrated and acne prone skin with crater like pores and I am closer to NC 35 shade in summer. And whenever I wear any of them, you can always tell that I am wearing something. Some tends to get oily (like the revlon one), some is too drying ( like the tea tree one), some is good in winter and a horror in summer ( the Sleek one). And don’t even get me started on the Indian version of Garnier BB. Too much fragrance in one tube. You can wear that and skip your perfume and no one will ever know. Sadly, fragrance irritates my skin.
What attracted me most to this BB is their “one shade matches all” motto. Korean BB’s are infamous for their ghastly gray tones on South-Asian skin tones. But not this puppy. Klairs is the yellowest of the bunch. It’s also non sticky, light and hydrates your skin. It also has a high SPF of 40.

The Klairs Creamy Natural Fit Concealer also made the list. It has the same shade as the BB and it has replaced my favorite fit me concealer. Comparison here ( instagram post).

Price: There is an offer going on where you can get these two together for 2100 taka at Korean Cosmetics Bangladesh

NYC Liquid Liner:
I wasn’t a big fan of liquid liner until I met this one. I saw Nikkie Tutorials raving about this and thought of giving this a go. I used this almost every day in February and I think I need to buy a few backups in case I run out.

Price: 2.99 dollars at Target, CVS, Walmart. I bought it during a sale on Superdrug. But sadly, they are not carrying this anymore.

Going Au Natural this Spring?DSCN7776

If you are a Bangladeshi like me then the thought of contours and blushes in a natural look might seem oxymoron-ish to you. I recently went to a parlor to get my eyebrows and upper lip done. And they were doing this party look for a girl. The girl was really pretty, but the way the contoured her face made her look like she was in a fight with that bear from The Revenant movie. It was so hard to not to tell those people to blend her contours. But my eyebrows were in their hands and I didn’t want to come home with only one eyebrow. It was a really tough decision, children :'(

The Bahama Mama for light contour:
For contouring you don’t need the darkest color possible. You should pick a shade that’s 2-3 shades darker than your own skin tone and has a cooler undertone, like The Bahama Mama from The Balm. I was eyeing this for a while and last month I snagged it from Rasah Collection. They are not taking any orders now, but you can go through their spot purchase album. They have amazing collections and Swajoni apu is such a sweetheart <3 <3

Tarte Blush in Prim (Limited Ed.):
The blush that made the list is a Tarte blush. Before you have a heart-attack thinking about the exorbitant price ranges of Tarte blushes, I got four of them in a Holiday Edition.
The blush I am going to mention is Prim. It’s a beautiful rosy brown shade that matches my natural blush. Temptatila says that MUG Spellbound is 90% similar to this shade.
They are deluxe sizes which is fine with me because I don’t use blush that much. They were 35 dollars + tax+ shipping. The website included a deluxe sample of Maracuja oil with the order, but the seller I ordered this from sold my sample to other people. And they haven’t re-compensated me. So I am not going to put their names here.


Nyx Blotting Powder in the shade Light/Medium is a tinted blotting powder. Last month I raved about the Innisfree No Sebum powder, but I don’t want to finish that soon. That’s why I carried this one in my bag for the past few weeks. It’s very smooth, finely milled and soaks up the oil really well.
Price: It’s originally 12 dollars. But I always stock up on NYX during their 40% off sale in ULTA.

Meet My Best Buddies:

I made some friends last month. They are so amazing that I think I need to make a lifelong commitment to them.
Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drops:

Dull skin? Large Pores? Stupid Boyfriends? Wish you had some magical unicorn tears to get rid of all that negativity in your life. Well, your prayers have been answered.
I have been trying this Vit-C serum for the past month and my skin has improved so much. Not giving out any more details now, because I will post a detailed review soon.
Price: 1700 taka in Korean Cosmetics Bangladesh

Verite Good Morning Cleanser:
Most of the time, I tend to skip face washes in the morning. As they make my skin really dry if I use them in the AM routine. But the Verite Good Morning Cleanser is a really mild cleanser that will clean your skin without making it dry.
Price: 1300 taka in Korean Cosmetics Bangladesh

Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Kit:


My face tends to get really oily at the end of the day and the pores get pretty clogged up with dirt and oil. I have been religiously using this for the past few weeks and my skin loves it. I will do a detailed review soon. Although, I have posted a blog post where I mentioned this cleansing oil for cleaning out clogged up pores. Read it here.
Price: 3300 taka for the kit. You can buy the scrub and the oil alone. The soap is exclusive to this set. Get it from Korean Cosmetics Bangladesh.

Want Shiny Tresses like Rapunzel? 


Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Perfector Oil:
This is a new found love. I got this from Asteria a while back. I didn’t use it much after that. But this winter, my hair has become really dry and gets tangled easily. The only thing that is working on my hair is this dry oil. It has a sweet scent and will make your hair look really shiny.
Price: originally 1800 taka, but now on sale for around 1000 taka in Asteria.

Nightingale Amino Capsule Non-Wash Perfume Treatment:
It’s hair repairing magic doesn’t work on my hair. But it makes my hair smell like a summer garden. And you can keep this in your purse too. Very handy for date nights :p
Price: 550 taka in Korean Cosmetics Bangladesh

Sarees and Accessories: 


I got this huge pair of Earrings as a surprise gift last month and they are soooooo beautiful. They are from an amazing online shop called 6 Yards Story. I continuously ogle at their collection every day. These earrings will look so nice with a sari. And I am waiting for my perfect red sari to arrive from Sweet Potato which I might wear in Pohela Boishakh this year.
Speaking of Sarees and Sweet Potato, check out this Tardis Blue Saree I got from them last month. Isn’t it beautiful?12748378_170912193286241_1268898653_nAnother accessories I am totally digging is this Rock Chic necklace from Shop-a-Go. They have the best customer service I have ever seen and their collection is very trendy. Also, Mayesha apu and Oishee is bae <3 <3 <3 <3

Denim shirt paired with Rock Chic. Eyeliner is from NYC.

Favorite Moment of February:



Illustration of gravitational waves produced by two orbiting black holes. (Image: Henze/NASA)

LIGO’s detection of Gravitational waves. I had tears in my eyes the moment they announced. I was in my studio and live streaming the program. If you are in my facebook, then you must know that I had flooded the entire time line with those posts. Get more info here (link).

Favorite Patterns: Chevron

Favorite Font: Butch. Used in the photo’s. Get it here. It’s free.

Things I Read Last Month:
Remember those little “Tin Goyenda” books of childhood? Well, I found the original books they were inspired from. They are written by Robert Arthur and the Series is called Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators. I just finished book no.25 today.
Goodreads Link.

Favorite Movie:

I think that’s about it for today. I have managed to bore you to death, mission accomplished.











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  1. This is easily your best post ever! Love the witty remarks on all the products <3 I'm eagerly waiting for the cleansing kit and vitamin C serum review. Yes, even though I know how awesome the latter is. I've been using it for about 10 days now. Some of my acne scars are fading. I'm going to give it another month. Let the magic happen!

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