Cheapest Sheet Mask Ever: Entel Ginseng Mask Pack Review


What if I told you that you could buy a sheet mask for 35 taka? You’d probably think that I am kidding, right? Well, I am very happy to inform you that you can buy Entel Sheet masks at 35 taka each: D 😀 😀
These masks come in a 10 pack bundle in various flavors. The whole pack costs 350 taka. You can order them for yourselves or share them with other sheet mask lovers.

PS: This is a very hasty review. I am going away for 2-3 days from tomorrow. But I also wanted to let you know about this sheet mask. So pardon me if my writing seems a bit boring than usual. No cat remarks as well. Because, cats are selfish creatures. You won’t find them in your moment of need.


As a brand, Entel is not that famous. I never heard of them until KCB (that’s Korean Cosmetics Bangladesh for you) brought them in Bangladesh. But I did manage to find several reviews online. So be assured that they aren’t nameless Chinese nokol sheet masks. They come with a variety of 11 flavors that caters to your various skin needs.

Here’ I am reviewing the Ginseng mask. Ginseng provides your skin with nourishment and resilience. It also revitalizes dull skin, and brings back that lost glow.


This mask has the standard sheet mask packaging that you’ll see all over the market. It contains 20 ml of products and a standard face sheet. The back side contains an ingredient list in Korean. But if you look carefully, you will find a description of how to use this mask in broken English.


The mask feels nice, not overly sticky or anything. Texture wise, this is a good mask.

ENTEL claims that their masks are free from five harmful ingredients: Mineral oil, parabens, Ethanol, silicon and artificial pigments. But upon closer inspection, I found these in CosDNA.

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My skin is okay with these stuffs. But if you are allergic to any of these, please do a patch test before using.

How to Use:

Wash your face, slather on a toner and after 1-2 minutes put this baby on. Keep it for 15-20 minutes. Don’t wash your face afterwards. Follow with a moisturizer. 


While this isn’t actually a HG mask, but my skin felt really smooth and hydrated after using this. For that price, it’s a really good deal.

That’s all for today. I will deactivate my account while I am on tour. So bug Imtiaz vaiya in the meantime.
Till then, take care.


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